Zimbabwe’s engineers are essentially inventors for the future

Mr Mahommed Hassan has proved it by introducing the mobile-home. Innovation and entrepreneurship are key drivers in today’s engineering world, and the push for sustainable products, services and technologies is needed now more than ever. Mr Hassan has designed and built a modern day mobile-unit that can be a mobile-home, mobile-kitchen or a mobile-office.

The mobile-unit is built in such a way that no cooking is done in the Wagon.
All cooking is done on the ground under the Awning. The wagon has four wheels on springs with 2 Axles, fitted with hubs with rim’s & 14 inch tyres.

It has a double  cladded on the rear wall. The rear wall is stainless steel on the exterior, and provides space for advertising branding & a resin Internal wall.  
The main structure is 4000mm length x 2300mm width x 2.400mm height internal. The roof is 5000mm with sides extended and the entire frame has steel tubing with a safety expanding gate installed. 
The mobile-unit is built in such a way that there is free air flow for cross breeze which passes through the chassis frame. The floors are cladded with Aluminum Checker plate and has aluminium Windows installed and are protected with steel burglar proofing.

For security the front and rear entrances are protected with steel burglar proofing plus cladded with Aluminum Checker Plate and the ceiling is the same type of resin as the rear wall. Roof is covered with IBR Chromadeck. Doors/ Steel gates  have a set of good Yale locks and an additional protection of barrel bolts on the inside.

The front has a frame storage facility for Gas cylinders and an upright water storage tank. This is a must see and viewing is by appointment.  Should u have any questions do not hesitate to contact on +263 77 157 4944.  

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